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Lord English???
tick/tock by Black-skin-angel

Mature Content

Caliborn by exuberantExtremist
Noirvember 11: Happy Birthday! by AlmightyTallestVoldy
UNGRATEFULTUDE. by sundayfluff
Doc Scratch
Hey look it's the Doc by thENDerLord
The Felt sprite edits pt. 7 by euxox
Doc's Little Girl: The ~ATH AU by SkooIsCoo
Ask Homestuck Dogs' Doc Scratch Dog by AskHomestuckDogs
The Handmaid
bitchy.png by euxox
The shit lord by euxox
u3u by euxox
Who's number one? by euxox
Midnight City Poster by GrimdarkOwl
Snowman by DragonHeartWolf
Sn0wman by GlassesBlu
STARS by zaphod-beeblebroxie
The Felt= Crowbar And Doze by Ilovefaygoslushies
Stitch by ThreeDerpMoon
Safety 1st by die-chickenfoot
Eggs by ThreeDerpMoon
Pairings and Ships
itchy/crowbar by euxox
itchy/clover by euxox
Quick Dry by GlassesBlu
Noirvember 05: Spades by AlmightyTallestVoldy
Two or more of the Felt
The intermission in a nutshell. by euxox
The Felt sprite edits pt. 6 by euxox
The Felt sprite edits pt. 5 by euxox
The Felt sprite edits pt. 3 by euxox
Felt and other characters
HS - A Jack of all Trades by redblacktac
79 teehee by lOsal
fanFelt Shlager by lOsal
Homestuck Intermission by Starbornbleh
The Midnight Crew
Mr. Diamonds by ThreeDerpMoon
Good Droog Best Friend (Click For Full View) by sundayfluff
Ignition by sundayfluff
intermistletoe: SS/DD 2 by sundayfluff
Weird Time Shit
I Bought Coffins by Black-skin-angel
First Guardian Wormwood by WickedWormwood
The Felt: Trace Humanized by MrSkulley
Doze and Bubble man by The-Felt-for-the-win
Crafts and Cosplay
Dork by ThreeDerpMoon
fuck 0ff dad by Mii-kami
FIn and Noir by Sherlockholmes482
Sn0wman and Jades by BrasiliaNefetiri
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Group Info

This group is all about these amazing green guys from Homestuck:
If you do not know them I would HIGHLY recommend reading the Midnight Crew Intermission
Founded 5 Years ago
Jul 20, 2011


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Fan Club

331 Members
328 Watchers
13,641 Pageviews
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-moved some deviations into the correct folders (if i've missed something please don't tell me just kidding yes tell me i have to do my job)
-created a handmaid folder so go crazy with that

i know you guys can't submit anything to the handmaid folder yet but i'm not the head honcho so i can't change submission settings on that
i can't seem to move the folder itself so i guess it'll just hang around at the bottom of the list (sorry handmaid)
so! just leave whatever in the featured folder and we'll get to it eventually!

also, please submit things into the correct folders and ONLY submit your stuff into the featured folder if you are not sure where it should go!
thank you!
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GlassesBlu Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where would Ms paint belong?
Kirbyofcuteness100 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Spieces Swaps go in Weird Time Shit right?
KehXKeova Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for allowing me to join!! :hug:
ClassyWalruses Featured By Owner May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oops, i submitted my poem "Shark Bros" into the wrong folder on accident; can someone please put it into the fanfictions folder?
sorry to be a hassle...
flammingcorn Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I submitted a bunch of stuff into different folders before I realized there was a cosplay folder. Sorry about that. ^^;
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